22/03/2018 The first public preview of Blazor is released.
Read this blog post to learn how to get started with Blazor : Get started building .NET web apps that run in the browser with Blazor.

Introduction to Blazor

What is Blazor ?

Blazor is an experimental web UI framework using C#, Razor and HTML, running in the browser via WebAssembly.

Blazor runs in any browser and allows you to build single-page applications (SPA) without using JavaScript. No plugins or transpilation are needed, Blazor runs in the browser on a real .NET runtime implemented in WebAssembly that executes normal .NET assemblies. So you literally code your web UI using C# ... It sounds like in your dreams, doesn't it ?

Blazor will have all the features of a modern web framework including :

Is Blazor ready to go in production ?

The response is clear : NO. Blazor is just a start and there isn't anything you can download nor any project template you can use yet. Moreover, most of the planned features aren't implemented yet so it's not ready to be used in production, neither in development by the way. For the moment, the only thing you can do if you are intreprid is to clone the repository and play with it to see how it works and contribute if you want to.

A JavaScript Killer ?

It's way too soon to affirm this, there were so many JavaScript killers in the past but JavaScript is still alive, and not just a little bit. That said, Blazor is very interesting and seems very promising so it may allow in a few month .NET developers to develop good web UIs fully in C# and HTML.

Open Source

Like most of the last ASPNET projects Blazor is a fully Open Source project so you can browse the source code and contribute. This happens on GitHub.


For now, there are not much resources available and most of them are already obsolete. You can check these few links though, in which you'll find interesting elements :

February 14, 2018
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